Joel Slade


Joel is currently working towards a Bachelor degree in Ministry and Theology. Joel's dedication to God and His mission has seen him serve in various capacities in a number of countries around the globe.

"What gets me is when I think of the fact that it could have just as easily been me who was born into that situation. They didn't choose it and neither did I, but I do have the choice of whether to use my situation to help theirs. God has placed me in a position where I have the opportunity to help others and for that I am grateful."


Dada Fialho


Dada is studying Theology and Ministry and Avondale College. He loves learning, soccer, being involved with people, and travelling.

“I enjoy being involved in service because God put that passion in my heart, and I can see he is putting the same passion into my wife’s heart. I want to help finish God’s work in this world and the Bible tells me in James 1:27 that pure and undefiled religion before the Father is to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.”


Jess Ennor

ADRA Support Officer

Jess loves friends, adventures and helping other people. She is currently the Volunteer Coordinator for ADRA Australia, and she believes that service trips are a fun way to give something to others and to learn about the world.

"I believe that God has blessed me, so that I may, in return, go and bless others."


Wayne French

Staff Advisor

Wayne is the Chaplain at Avondale College and he loves taking people on experiential learning events such as the Bible Lands tour. Aside from his roles at Avondale he also enjoys being outdoors doing things like abseiling.

"I believe in the impact of what service does, it is probably one of the strongest ways that Christianity can impact students on campus here at Avondale College."


Bek Eyre


Bek enjoys singing, horse riding, socialising and interacting with kids and this has led her to study Early Childhood Education.

"I love being involved in service and mission because it stretches me but also because I feel like I can be closest to God when I'm actively involved in his work, whether it's at home or overseas. I don't believe in stagnant faith and by the challenge God has given me with this position, I can pursue the relationship I have and hope to grow this year with Him."


Tracy Hamilton

PR/Social Media

Currently studying a double degree of Arts and Business, majoring in International Development and Poverty Studies and Accounting; Tracy’s passions include service to others, travelling, and exploring new cultures.

"I love being involved in mission trips because it moves my focus away from myself and places it on others instead, which is something very powerful. I believe that serving others and building relationships while sharing God with them is one of the most worthwhile things one can do in life. I love Winston Churchill's quote: 'We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.'"


Josh Dye


Josh is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in International Development and Poverty Studies & Communications. He loves sport, travel, service, writing and leadership.

"As a Christian, I believe service is something God calls all of us to do. It doesn't have to be overseas; it can be at home in our own communities. I enjoy serving because it's then I feel like I'm fulfilling God's purpose for my life."


Colin Chuang


Colin loves to meet people and learn about their stories. Currently working in Marketing at Avondale College, he enjoys service as it is a chance to use the blessings we have received and to give back.

"I believe everything worthwhile is worth fighting for... so there is nothing more rewarding than fighting for better lives for people."


Jorden Tually


Jorden is currently studying Visual Communications at Avondale and is passionate about being God’s hands in service.

"Although you go on a mission trip with the mindset of serving others, I am always overwhelmed by how much of a blessing the villages you serve are to you. I always seem to end up feeling like they are serving me through their kind hearts and beautiful culture."


Mikaela Campbell

Minute Taker

Mikaela is currently studying Primary teaching and has a passion for making a difference through education. She loves to travel, teach, spend time with friends and family and serve God.

“Mission trips are a great way to combine all the things I love. I get to travel, teach in exciting places, make new friends and share God’s love with others.”


Trent Sperring

Team Leader

Trent is currently studying a double degree of Arts and Business majoring in International Development and Poverty Studies and Human Resource Management.

"I enjoy stepping outside of the false sense of security that is my ignorant and selfish lifestyle, and seeing what the world is really like. It's scary how suddenly your priorities change when you come face to face with poverty and death. The 'slap in the face' by reality is refreshing and motivating."


Leticia Marquardt

Team Leader

Leticia is putting her passion of caring for people into action as she is studying a Bachelor of Nursing. She believes that loving and caring for others brings her purpose and fulfillment.

“Going on a mission trip is the most amazing, exciting, and adventurous experience that someone can have. Once you go on a mission trip you understand different pleasures of life and the most amazing one is that you realise money is not the best reward that someone can give to pay for your work. I love Luke 4:18 which talks about proclaiming the good news to the poor and helping those in need. I believe that this is my purpose in life.”


Mark Singh

Team Leader

Mark is currently in his third year of Secondary teaching, majoring in PDHPE and minoring in Science. He loves his sport and his passions are teaching and youth ministries.

“Mission trips have never been apart of my life until I attended Avondale and now I am totally In love with them, mainly because of the spiritual growth, memories and friends that will last a life time and knowing God has given you the privilege of serving someone who is in need.”


Brooke Davidson

Team Leader

Brooke is a 3rd year student at Avondale College studying Primary teaching. Though she has been on mission trips in the past, it wasn't until she went to Cambodia last year that she discovered her love and passion for going on trips overseas and helping those in need.

“In Matthew 28:19, it says to 'Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.' I firmly believe that I can make a difference in the world in mission work overseas and here in Australia. I am excited to lead a mission trip this year and I am looking forward to seeing what blessings it has in store for me and for others.”


Alex Mcandrew

Team Leader

Alex is currently studying Secondary Education and is passionate about helping others learn and develop new skills. He believes that mission trips are an excellent way to help others see the potential they have to impact others and experience the difference a group of people can make in the world.

"The experience of a mission trip is something that can't exactly be explained until you've been on one. The relationships, skills and experiences built on a trip are genuinely life changing. Get involved now!"


Tyson Dunne

Team Member

Tyson is currently studying Secondary PE Teaching and is passionate about service and service to others.

"I never understood the big hype about mission trips, this was until I became involved. 'The blesser becomes blessed.' Meaning those who go on these mission trips will in return receive a blessing from those they come in contact with. When I think of service, I think of the bible verse, Matthew 20:28 'For the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve...'"


Lethan Fitzpatrick

Team Member

Leathan is studying a Bachelor of Theology/Ministry and is passionate about music, adventure, and having fun..

"I love being part of mission trips because of the excitement! There is an awesome opportunity to explore other cultures and to develop the talents God has gifted you with! On a mission trip you are the hands and feet of Jesus!"


Brayden Rath

Team Member

Brayden is currently studying a Bachelor of Theology/Ministry with a minor in Human Resource Management. He is passionate about serving others, and also enjoys seeing people thrive in their passions.

“I’ve only had the opportunity to experience one mission trip overseas, however on it I learned of my passion to be thrown into the deep end of a culture. I love embracing other cultures, and seeing the joys and experiences they have in their lives. I fully believe that when we are at our weakest and most vulnerable, God can use us the most because we totally rely on Him.”


Rachel Slade

Team Member

Rachel is studying to be a PE teacher at Avondale College. Her main passion is health; she loves being active, getting outdoors, and helping to motivate others in the same way.

“I’d never really learnt to rely on God until I was given the opportunity to serve others. My first mission trip was in Honduras. I was travelling by myself in a foreign country and with nowhere to go, I asked God for direction. He found me a job with Maranatha for 2 months, it sincerely was a miracle! I love that service and mission trips shows a little snapshot of God. I believe that God is always 100% behind them. Whether it’s overseas in a culturally challenging environment or a STORMCo in Australia, service is about others and sharing God’s love!”


Anna Beaden

Team Member

Anna is studying Maths and Bible teaching. She loves people and she is passionate about spreading God’s love and being the arms and the heart of God. 1 John 4:19 sums it up: We love, because He first loved us.

“Ultimately service is just LOVE in action. Our overall aim in life is to become more Christ-like and to spread Him to others. His whole life story was saturated in service: He loved through service and He lived for service. Thus service should be at the forefront of our minds and on our hearts. We should be seeking to serve if ever the opportunity arises. The only outcome of service is blessing and how could that ever be a bad thing? In both cases, the server and the person being served both walk away with their hearts warmed.”


ONE aims to mobilise Avondale volunteers, by providing carefully selected community development projects within Australia and developing countries around the world





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