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One Mission is always looking for community development projects. If you would like One Mission to source carefully selected volunteers for your project or you would like to run a project through OneMission please download and complete the project proposal form (PDF).

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One Mission is partnering with numerous Non-Government Organisations in Cambodia to build houses for poor families with children at risk of extortion, child slavery and prostitution.

One Mission will also be helping out with other projects such as:
• Hospital service
• Hygiene programs for kids
• General assistance in the local communities

These projects aim to assist in achieving sustainability in these communities.


One Mission Bangladesh will involve a group of 10-15 students who will be traveling to the city of Dhaka to work with families in the slums providing health education.

They will be focusing on the importance of:
• Dental care
• Hand hygiene
• Female hygiene

The team will also be taking equipment over to assist with things such as blood pressure and wound dressings.


One Mission Brazil shall be returning to the Amazon this summer to see the results of their support of the ADRA Brazil project.

• Agriculture
• Building
• Health

ADRA Amazon aids in the development of a community that has been 'forgotten by the world'. Without the ability to read and write, an income, proper sanitization, adequate medical facilities and electricity this community struggles to survive in the harsh conditions of the Amazon jungle.


For several years now, One Mission has had a presence in Maitom Seventh Day Adventist School in the central Philippines. This year the Philippines team is looking to not only continue the projects of previous years but also expand the school's influence within their community.

The team is excited to be able to continue building a Multi Purpose Court that will be used by the entire community. The Negros Oriental Mission is also looking to make use of this facility to hold mission wide events such as big camp. Along with this they are going to be running an Evangelistic Series that will be a way to bring the knowledge of Jesus Christ's soon return to the local people. They are also looking forward to running Empower programs in several local high schools.

The most exciting thing that the team will be doing in the Philippines is a Christmas program at a local Orphanage. This will not only include telling the story of Jesus, but also giving each of the children a special gift. One Mission is looking forward to showing these children that they are not forgotten about.


People with albinism in Tanzania face raw prejudice, lack skin pigmentation making them more susceptible to sunburn and skin cancers, and are hunted for their flesh due to common superstitious belief. We say that this is not good enough! A group of college students shall be venturing into this mountainous country to fight for the basic human rights of an albino community.

Coupled with ADRA, we are building a shaded area at a SAFE school playground, protecting children from the deadly sun. These children deserve to safely play outside with the other children. These children deserve to be free from discrimination. These children deserve a chance to feel normal.
So, One Mission Tanzania 2013 coupled with ADRA continue this fight for basic human rights.

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ONE aims to mobilise Avondale volunteers, by providing carefully selected community development projects within Australia and developing countries around the world





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